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Two mid-semester exams over, one to go!

Today, after my Julius Caesar exam, I met up with a friend for lunch.  We debated over what we should have, before eventually deciding on mint chocolate-chip ice-creams, which we ate in the sun by the lake.  :D

I had no idea how inspirational Sailor Moon songs could be!  They seem to be absolutely filled with 頑張るs and あきらめないs.  ^-^

I'll need all the inspiration I can get to write my Japanese mini assignment tonight.  And I also have to come up with a presentation topic that has something to do with language...  I wonder if I could or, well, should, work Takarazuka into it somehow?  ^^;  I'd kind of like to do something on shoujo manga but I don't really have access to much.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see Oedipus Rex.  I'm really looking forward to it, since I've never seen a Greek drama actually performed before.

Ah, always so much to do.  :)


Today, my knees actually went weak.  I don't know whether it was because I was possibly a little dehydrated, or because I was flustered from talking to my sempai and trying not to blather too incoherently, or because I was a little tired of my shameful lack of resolve for my current assignments and the associated guilt.  Perhaps it was a combination of all of those things.  In any case, as I walked down the library stairs I realised that my legs were shaking and alarmingly unsteady.  Although it wasn't anything serious, it took a minute or so before I felt alright again.  What on earth?

This is the first time that it has ever happened to me.  I thought it only happened in old poems or to Regency heroines, when they were overcome by love.  :/

Ah, the excitement of my life!  ^^;  I had better get back to my assignment...  I'm learning about pets in ancient Greece and Rome.  :)

Ahhh, so tired.  .__.

I saw 'Coraline' in 3D with Emma today and it was BRILLIANT!  *___*  The animation was incredible, especially the flowers in the garden and the jumping mice performance.  There was also a nice reference to, I assume, La Belle Dame Sans Merci.  AND Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders did the voices for two acrobats, long past their prime.  I spent a great deal of the movie squeeing, and the rest of it being embarrassingly scared.  XD;  Coraline herself is so cute, with her blue hair, skinny little stick-legs and huge gumboots.  <3

When I got home, an unexpected orange envelope awaited me!!  It contained club forms for 'Coimbra Monogatari' and Legend reijou.  <333  This is the first decent photo of Saryan that I've seen.  The costume is great!  Best of all, though, Tomomin looks so happy.  :D  No message on the back this time, but since I was spoilt with my birthday reijou, I don't mind.  ;)

OH, and I never posted about Ancient History Day...  Perhaps I'll get around to it eventually.  For now, I'll just say that I want to be like Kathryn Welch when I grow up.  :)  She is a FANTASTIC speaker, so interesting and enthusiastic and passionate about Classics.  I went to a free public lecture she gave last Friday night and really enjoyed it.  She made Pompey's son, Sextus, sound like an ancient Scarlet Pimpernel.  <3

You know, for an ordinary week, this one hasn't been too bad.  :)

On Wednesday, I patted baby goats and sheep, because there was some mini animal-related exhibition at uni.

I chose an object from the Antiquities Museum to study for my Greek Art and Archaeology course.  I'll warn you in advance, because no doubt I'll end up raving about it.  It's a loom-weight from Taras, with baby Herakles in relief on one side and an unidentified couple (Psyche and Eros?) on the other.

Tonight I went to a free public lecture on the Battle of Philippi.  It turns out that that battle didn't signal the end of the Roman Republic after all.  The lecturer, Kathryn Welch, is a professor at the University of Sydney, and was really enthusiastic.  I want to be like her when I grow up!

Tomorrow is Ancient History Day aaaaaand Cate's birthday!  ^-^

I'm extremely tired now, so I think I'll read some ballads and go to bed.  :)

I hope you'll have a great birthday.  :)  I wanted to post this before I leave for uni because I'll have a lot of work to do when I get back.  ^^;

Unfortunately, I can't give you Mirio photos, but I hope this will suffice!

I know I've messed up the colouring a lot.  >.>  I coloured one of her sleeves pink instead of blue, because I wasn't paying attention.  I didn't want to erase it and start over, since that would most likely make it worse.  *headdesk*

ANYWAY, I hope you get lots of cake and presents and Mirio-ish things.  ^__^
I should be writing letters, but instead I'm subtitling My Dear New Orleans.  ^^;

There is one line that has completely perplexed me.

Right near the beginning, when the Storyville Kids are talking about Lulu and how beautiful she is rumoured to be, Gabe says something like, 'She's rumoured to be a woman of unrivavalled beauty.  誰かさんなんてバチが当たるぜ。'

Is the ぜ some kind of slang ending?  What does 当たる mean in this context?

I'm probably overlooking the obvious, but... I just don't get it.  ^^;

I've been confused about what I should actually write in letters to seito ever since I wrote my first letter.  Tomomin apparently doesn't mind the masses of irrelevant things I write to her (hopefully...), but I always worry when I post letters that I'll accidentally mess up my Japanese and write something that might be taken as an offence.  ._.;  So are there any unwritten 'rules' for writing letters?  I remember reading a post about this sort of thing some time ago, and everyone seemed to have different opinions.

Also, how do you write to younger actresses?  I'd really like to send a letter to Ouji Kaoru, wishing her good luck for her first performance in Snow Troupe, but I feel a bit foolish writing to her when I've never seen her perform.  ^^;  I just thought that she looked sweet when I first saw her photo, and I liked her self-introduction in the May issue of Graph, because it was pretty unique and reminded me of a tanka I read.  Is that enough to write her a letter?

Basically, I'd appreciate any input in the matter of letter-writing.  :)

On a completely different note, while translating My Dear New Orleans, I came across some excellent background acting from (I think?) Sayaka Shion and Yuuka Riko.  I'm not sure why, but it made me laugh.  XD



Today was not too bad!


- wore my new butterfly headband.

- went to the post office and bought an OzCall card, so that I can call a certain someone currently in Japan.  <3

- realised that I had nearly run out of pretty stationery.  Since I wanted to send a letter to Tomomin as quickly as possible, I made my own stationery by drawing lots of stars and rainbows on ordinary paper and colouring them, then doing the same on an envelope.  Surprisingly, they don't look too bad!

- bought some cute Japanese stationery on eBay, so that I don't have to make my own in future.  XD;

- went out for dinner with family, which was nice.  :)

My Takarazuka presentation for Multimedia Japanese is over.  :)  I don't think it went too badly, and it led to a class discussion on the way that gender issues aren't really openly discussed in Japan.  We also ended up comparing hosts and 'Siennes, which was interesting.  Finally, we concluded that women make better men than real men.  :P

I'm just procrastinating actually starting my assignment on Herodotus, which is due tomorrow.  Eek.  'Is it possible to judge Herodotus by the same standards which apply to modern historians?'  >_>  Well, although it's UNFAIR to judge Herodotus by the same standards, it is possible.  Herodotus asks historical questions and answers them to the best of his ability using evidence, which he often analyses critically.  That's really all we can ask of a historian...  Of course, Herodotus' world was totally different - few, if any, documentary sources were available for him to consult.  He was researching in a primarily oral society.  And his audience had different expectations - they mostly wanted a good story!  Thus, in Herodotus we find gold-digging ants and winged serpents, which sort of tarnish his historical reputation.

UGH, although I've done the research, I don't know how to bring it together coherently.  I feel as though I'm just arguing what other people have already argued.

At least I can look forward to tomorrow (as long as I get this wretched assignment finished).  Coffee with a friend I haven't talked to properly in ages, followed by Greek reading group, followed by Homeric reading group.  <3

In other news, sister has redirected her attention from Kazu to Mizu.  XD

OK, I'm going to start now!
Good friends + a bag of lollies + raspberry hot chocolate + trying to translate Greek tragedy + the lovely feeling of being inside a library while it is rainy and grey outside = very happy Caitlin.